Padilla is carried shoulder high through his home gate

Juan José Padilla has never got anything for nothing and what he has, he has earned with the sweat of his brow. But when he comes to Pamplona it all seems to be a smooth downhill path. Because here, he is fighting at home, because even before he starts, he has already amassed all the credit he needs. The Peña clubs love him; the general public finds in him what they look for in a matador, with his contempt for danger, his ostentatiousness, his rapport with the crowds in the stands. And the stands dictate.

Perhaps the first award of an ear was a little bit of a gift. And maybe even the second one, too. But that is the way things are in this bullring, and the bullrings belong to their public. And the public also wanted him to be taken out the main gate shoulder high, his own home gate, and that is indeed what happened. He waved his two pirate flags and the stands hailed him because for them Padilla continues to be the king.

As for the rest, the bulls were poor, weak and without bravura. And when they are like that, it is all very difficult. Pepe Moral was always in control with his two bulls. The first was dangerous and with his second bull he managed a good performance which earned him an ear, which more than pleased him in the circumstances. Jiménez Fortes, had worse luck as his two bulls did not last a minute. And in that situation, there is nothing that can be done. Unless you are performing at home…

Photos: Maite H. Mateo

12 July. Fuente Ymbro.
Juan José Padilla: ear and ear
Pepe Moral: silence and ear
Jiménez Fortes: silence and silence

13th July (18:30 p.m.) Adolfo Martín.
Diego Urdiales
Manuel Escribano
Alberto Aguilar