No citar al toro en la plaza, “Dejen actuar a los dobladores”

Once the bulls have got inside the bullring, the runners should immediately exit to the ringsides. The pack of bulls usually run straight ahead and the dobladores, with their capes in their hands can lead the bulls to the safety of the pens without too much difficulty. It is a ruling that nobody should shout or hail the bulls and the runners can be fined for doing so. A distraction made by one of the animals is especially dangerous here as the ground is filled with sand and it is very easy to slip up. Here the bull is at an advantage as the space is more open than in the street and his hooves have a more comfortable hold on the sand compared to the street. The bull can charge better and its movements are more efficient on this surface. Just as a runner can verify when, in 2012 he was gravely gored after hailing the bull in the ring when he should not have done so. Carlos Mediavilla is the author of this series of images which show the consequences of the imprudent action.

It cannot be stressed enough that any action which prevents the bulls from going towards the pens is creating a very dangerous situation. It is obvious that at this time there are many runners gathered inside the ring and they would be at the mercy of the bull and they would not find an easy escape exit should be bull run loose.