The American firm Brave Soldier makes a commercial of its survival kit using the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls

The creator of the commercial is the prestigious publicity firm, Rascal & Drogues that has also made commercials for NASA, Doritos or Mattel

The well-known American firm Brave Soldier has used the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls as an excuse for its latest commercial that promotes its Crash Pak™ line (a kind of first-aid kit). This cream is used to close and disinfect grazes which might occur in adventure and sport events. The publicity firm Rascal & Drogues have been commissioned to make the TV commercials to promote the cream. This same firm had previously worked for such renowned entities as Nasa, Suzuki or Mattel. The commercial has been made in Pamplona, Los Angeles and Milwaukee under the direction of Kerry Shaw Brown, the author of memorable and innumerable TV commercials in The United States.

The “plot” of the commercial has an American couple come to the Pamplona Running of the Bulls to experience it live. Once in Pamplona, they both take part in the running and the boy suffers a fall and the girl has to go search for him. Once she has found him alive and well, they are soon back to normal thanks to the treatment the boy received from Brave Soldier. The commercial is filmed in Arriflex 35 mm, and it has the title, The Running. A total of 16 cameras were used in the filming of the commercial. Two well-known producers, Anthony Arendt and Ritch Wedeking also formed part of the film crew.