Estreno de Valdefresno en Sanfermin

The Valdefresno bull-ranch has been selected to replace the rejected Cebada Gago fighting bulls for the Sanfermin 2013 running of the bulls on the 9th.

This bull-ranch, of which little has ever been heard in Pamplona, was founded in 1992 after the dissolution of a joint ownership of the “Puerto de San Lorenzo” bull-ranch. This entity in turn, had developed out of the Doña Mercedes Flores Sánchez bull-ranch which was acquired in 1958 by Doña María Cascón, Don Juan Luis and Don Nicolás Fraile Martín.

The fighting bulls are breed on the pasturelands of Tabera de Abajo in the province of Salamanca and the current ranch has become one of the reference points in the bullfighting world as a pure line is being developed by Don Lisardo Sánchez.