Ya estamos en Sanfermin 2012


With the City Hall square jam-packed with a delirious crowd, Sanfermin 2012 burst into a hectic start to 9 non-stop days of partying that makes Pamplona the fiesta capital city of the world for its inhabitants and for the thousands of visitors who have come to the Navarra capital over these past few days.
Councilor Iñaki Cabasés was given the honor of setting light to the wick of the opening rocket and immediately afterwards the packed streets of Pamplona opened to the wild intense non-stop fiestas that will last until next 15th of July.

The security measures set up by Pamplona City Hall for the second consecutive year once again proved effective in preventing people from entering the jam-packed square with glass bottles and drinking glasses with the aim of preventing accidents and cuts.

From this moment on, there are now a wide variety of activities and events on offer from the official program as well as from fringe activities, set up by local groups and organizations, which will take place over the following days. Activities such as: The Riau Riau, concerts, the running of the bulls, the fair ground, rural sports, etc.

And to make sure that you don’t miss anything we invite you to surf into the internet window of Sanfermin.com, from where we will relate and reveal all that is going on through our special news reports: Reports on the Running of the Bulls, Current News, Videos, Photos, etc.

More photos from the 6th of July