Una imagen Siniestra de Caravinagre

The Pamplona writer Jesús Carlos Gómez Martínez has just launched his latest book and the theme is the Sanfermin fiestas. The novel in its original Spanish version goes under the title “Siniestro Caravinagre” and the book features the popular Kiliki figure of Caravinagre (‘Vinegarface’), the detective Zero and the writer himself who has narrated the story. He gives us a singular view of Caravinagre, – dark, malicious and cruel. As the author states on the back cover of the book, the same character has threatened the author and all the readers who dare read the book. The book is now on sale at all bookshops in Pamplona in an edition from the publisher, Ediciones Eunate. The book is quite short with just 118 pages and it goes on sale at a price of 16 euro. ISBN: 978-84-7768-226-4

Jesús Carlos Gómez Martínez has long had a special relationship with the Sanfermin fiestas ever since he won the First International San Fermin Journalism Prize in 1991. He is also author of La historia Secreta de los Kilikis de Pamplona and of Sanfermines forever. On his own web page there is a full list of the prizes and awards earned by this writer.