A forgettable bullfight

We have had so many good afternoon bullfights lately, with triumphant matadors,  “Padillas”, generous presidents, open gates and ears awarded haphazardly …that we had almost forgotten the other side of bullfights. That is to say, bulls that don’t want to know anything about anything, bullrings submersed in boredom, stands that are crowded with an indifferent public and bullfighters that go all out for it because they may not get another bull like this one.

Urdiales was given two difficult bulls – as indeed, were his companions – and he tried his best not to let it affect him. But he forgot that the bull in front of him was not a bull to triumph with. Even so, he managed to force a few timid rounds of applause for some of his cape work. Manuel Escribano started off enthusiastically, receiving the bull a portagayola, and with real bravery. But his first bull pestered him intently, while the second one, which had initially given a positive impression, very quickly came to nothing. And to crown it all, he had problems with his final sword-work in making the kill.

Alberto Aguilar was the one who had the best options. At least, with his first bull, which was the best of a bad lot. He performed well with this bull but it went largely unnoticed or at least unawarded, as yesterday seemed to be one of those days for few acknowledgements. His second bull was worse, meek and without resources. A bull to forget. Indeed, an afternoon’s bullfighting to forget.

13th July. Adolfo Martín.
Diego Urdiales: silence and silence
Manuel Escribano: silence and silence
Alberto Aguilar: silence and silence

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Fotos: Maite H. Mateo

14th July(18:30 p.m.) Miura.
Javier Castaño
Luis Bolívar
Esaú Fernández