A Kukuxumusu Running of the Bulls at FITUR Fair

The blue bull from The Drawing Factory will feature along with another of his bovine “brothers” at several running of the bulls which will be held around the Navarra stand at the FITUR Tourism Fair as they imitate the famous Pamplona Running of the Bulls so as to promote this event as a tourist attraction within Navarra. This annual Tourism Fair is the most important fair of the year within the Tourism industry.

The runnings of the bulls will kick off this Thursday at 11:30 inside the Fair to celebrate Navarra Day at the Fitur Fair being held in Madrid. Repeat runs will take place on Saturday morning and afternoon and again on Sunday morning. All the classic ingredients of the real running of the bulls can be found in these imitation runs; the txupinazo opening rocket of the Pamplona fiestas, the homily sung to the saint before the running of the bulls, the bull-minders, the medical assistance in situ and some other similar elements. There will probably also be a few inoffensive charges made by our fluffy blue bulls.

In addition to providing some “bulls” for the running of the bulls, The Drawing Factory is also responsible for the adornment of the Navarra Stand with some typical Kukuxumusu drawings on view with some well-known characters and sites from Navarra such as “The Three Musketeers” at the Royal Palace in Olite, “Tarzan “in the woods of the Irati or a Martian at the site of the Templar’s Church of Eunate.