Retirada la hornacina de San Fermín tras sufrir un ataque

Actualización 8 de noviembre de 2013.

El Ayuntamiento de Pamplona nos informa de que la figura de San Fermín vuelve a la hornacina tras la reparación de ésta.



Up- to –date news. 17.45 p.m. 31st of October.

As far as we can learn, after checking some reliable sources, Pamplona Municipal Police are investigating the stone-throwing incident at the San Fermín niche with the aim of catching the vandals who committed the vandalism.  It is early to come up with explanations but it is hoped that the CCV cameras will be a help in the investigation and particularly, help in establishing if there is any connection with this incident and the tire-ripping which occurred to several parked cars in the neighborhood of Iturrama.

The latest news. 14.00 p.m. 31st of October.

It has been confirmed that the figure of San Fermín is fully intact and it is being kept in the City Hall premises until the glass pane can be replaced and the figure put back in place. It is now known that at least two stones were thrown at the niche because these were discovered inside the niche by City Hall workers who went to check the state of the niche after it was vandalized. The Pamplona Municipal Police have been informed of the assault. The exact time of the assault is not known but it occurred sometime in the early hours of the morning.

The San Fermín niche located at Santo Domingo close to the place where the bulls begin their run during the fiestas days suffered an overnight attack by vandals.  Pamplona City Hall has taken the figure of the saint away until the niche is repaired and the glass pane replaced. This morning, the spot where the runners sing their homily to the saint just before the start of the running of the bulls, was found painted and vandalized. One of the stones that were thrown broke the glass pane protecting the saint. The figure itself did not suffer any damage.

The painted slogans have already been wiped off the Wall. Apparently, the slogans made reference to the money that should have been designated for the Sanfermin Museum and they read as follows: “EL MUSEO DE S. FERMIN”, on one line and below it, “El D 6,6 MILL NON DA?” which – if our knowledge of Basque language is adequate – means in English “Where are the 6, 6 million?”, apparently, in reference to the budget cost of the project which never took place. According to sources at Pamplona City Hall, two stones had been thrown at the glass pane protecting the figure of the saint and when the glass is replaced, the figure will be returned to its niche.

Just recently, this niche had just received some new clothing thanks to two runners from Onda who wished to express their gratitude to the saint for protecting them from two close calls during the running of the bulls.

An image of the site and details of the damage, issued by Pamplona City Hall and its Communications Department.

The San Fermín niche holds a replica of the original figure of the saint which is placed each morning in the niche for the runners to allow them to beseech protection from the saint before they begin their running of the bulls. All the Peñas clubs from Iruñea / Pamplona hang their particular necktie below the niche. In this video from the Cuatro TV channel filmed in 2008, the rite of the runners who believe in the power of the saint can be appreciated.