Padilla se quedó sin trofeos, pero qué más da…

Juan José Padilla came to the bull-ring to fight bulls, and, although he came away without any award from his fights with the El Pilar bulls, nobody seemed to mind very much, because in Pamplona, at least on the sunny side of the bullring, what the popular Padilla does with the bull in the arena is what least counts. He is going to be popular and an idol in the ring until he retires. His mere presence is a spectacle for the crowd. The rest of the afternoon bullfighting and even Padilla could have come away with an ear if he had killed cleanly. Both El Juli and Jiménez Fortes got one ear each and they were proved competent toreros but yesterday, Padilla was the king.
12th July. El Pilar-Moisés Fraile
Juan José Padilla: silence and applause
Julián López “El Juli”: ear and applause
Jiménez Fortes: ear and silence

Photographic Report: Maite H. Mateo

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