Massaoud Sbai awarded with the Guiri of the Year

Moroccan, Massaoud Sbai el Idrissi was handed over the award by Mikel Urmeneta, creative director at Kukuxumusu. This award which the firm makes every year wishes to acknowledge the particular contribution made by some foreigner each year to the fiestas.

The fifth celebration of this award took place over a meal at the Don Pablo restaurant and it coincides with the celebration of Guiri Day, a day nominated by Kukuxumusu twelve years ago in homage of the foreigners and their contribution to the fiestas. The event was attended by some members of Kukuxumusu and a group of friends and family of Massaoud. Two former winners were also in attendance; Lore Monnig (2005) and Lars Igvar Jungefors (2006). The first ever winner – Carmen Margarita Alicea, from Puerto Rico and last year’s winner, Manfred Walloschke, could not make it this year to the fiestas. Manfred’s wife and children represented him.

massaoud agradiecienco el premio al guiri del año

Massoud was thrilled to get the award and he appreciated the effort made my Kukuxumusu in remembering him and he expressed his wish to continue to be able to come to Pamplona for many years to come. From Kukuxumusu, Mikel Urmeneta, who was accompanied by his other two partners in the firm, Gonzalo Dominguez de Bidaurreta and Koldo Aiestaran, stressed the human qualities of Massaoud and he congratulated him on the fact that even working he finds “time to enjoy himself and contribute to the fiesta”.