Más de la mitad de los corredores diarios del encierro se estrenan ese día

Pamplona City Hall has released the results of the survey made from interviews with 517 runners carried out just before the start of the running of the bulls. The survey finds that 56% of those who have taken part in the runnings have done so for the first time. And besides that large number of novices, another 21% of those interviewed admitted that they only take part occasionally. Just 23% of the runners consider themselves habitual runners. Of all those, 80% are between 18 and 35 years old.

Other data arising from the survey, which was held each day near where the runners tend to warm up, shows that about a fifth of the total number of runners do not sleep before taking part in the running. Most of the runners – 81%- take part alongside friends or acquaintances. 99% of them state that they are conscious of the risks and dangers involved in the running and that they realize that even their very life could be in danger.

Data from the survey also reveal than just a little more than half of the total number of runners, 53%, are nationals and the rest is made up of foreigners. The largest group of foreign runners is made up of North-Americans with some 18% coming from The USA. The second largest group is composed of Australians and New Zealanders with a figure of 9%. British runners make up 5%, and the French are at 2%. Latin-Americans go to make up 1% of the total and the remaining 12% correspond to all other foreign nationalities.