The Bulls won’t be at a 100% if the rains persist

2014-07-04_barrizal4Fotos: Miguel Fernández

Although the heavy rain is causing the river Arga to rise, for the moment it is unlikely that the river could burst its banks. However, some of the bull-ranches have expressed their concern that the bull pens in the corralillos del Gas, where four of the total of eight bull-breeds are already ensconced, are suffering from puddles and pools of water.

This fact makes it difficult for the bulls to recover the weight loss they underwent when were taken from their pasture lands and moved to the pens, and so this could adversely affect their behavior in the Running of the bulls and even at the afternoon bullfights.

Due to the puddles that have formed in the bullpens, the transport of the remaining bull-breeds from their ranches has been deferred for the moment until Sunday next so as to allow the Bulls to lead a normal life as long as possible and in the hope that weather conditions will improve in Pamplona.