Las increíbles infografías del programa de Sanfermin

Errea Comunicación is the company which had been given the responsibility for the elaboration of the 2013 Sanfermin official program. The company suggested to Pamplona City Hall that the habitual classic Sanfermin photographs of the fiestas should be substituted for computer graphics. Javier Errea, managing director of the company, stressed in the presentation of the program, that City Hall fully backed the novel idea. Errea stated that “Pamplona is the world capital for this type of design once a year (when it holds an annual competition for the Malofiej Awards- and this is the point that we wished to enhance to the Sanfermin program, which is a small annual sentimental treasure for all of us”.

It meant two weeks of intense work to attempt to complete the proposals admitted by fifteen professional designers who are namely,  Estudio Lamosca from Barcelona, Carlos Monteiro from Lisbon, Frederik Ruys from Amsterdam, Carlos Loscri from Buenos Aires, John Grimwade from Nueva York, Xaquín González from Nueva York, Fernando Baptista from Washington, Álvaro Valiño from Washington, Michael Robinson from London, Samuel Granados from Buenos Aires, Alessandro Alvim from Río de Janeiro, Jaime Serra from Barcelona, Jan Schwochow from Berlin, Luis Chumpitaz from Dubai and Pablo Errea from Pamplona.