La marca americana de zapatillas Altra escoge el encierro de Sanfermin para su promoción

The American manufacturer of Altra sneakers has selected the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls to promote its latest product. The classic universal characteristics of bravery, toughness, sports and excitement which the fiesta of Sanfermin and its bullrunnings transmit has meant that yet another international commercial campaign wishes to be identified with the fiestas and the bullrunnings in order to promote its product. In this case, the American firm that makes Altra sports shoes shot this commercial during Sanfermin 2013 to make a video commercial in order to promote itsAltra Zero Drop model. This commercial has just been launched and it will promote the qualities of these sneakers which have undergone some of the latest technological and innovative applications in their manufacturing.

In the commercialvideo the protagonistis seen getting up early in the morning to take part in the Running of the Bulls and he is seen heading for the start of the run in his Altra sneakers. These new sneakers are made to adapt to any kind of surface and ground conditions, be it, marble, stone or water… classic situations found by any urban runner. The highlight is the participation in the Sanfermin Bullrunning with theAltra sports footwear. The images are quite cool and attractive.


The runner with the Altra sneakers is the one seen here in a blue tee shirt.
This is not the first sports footwear firm to take an interest in the running of the Bulls to promote its product. In Sanfermin 2011 Fiveten shot a commercial video and it also handed out its sneakers to some of the habitual runners for them to try on.