Jordi Cohen. Pánico en el encierro

Jordi Cohen gana el concurso fotográfico del Club Taurino del Castellón con una imagen del montón de Sanfermin de 2013

The Castellón Taurino Club has selected a snapshot taken by Jordi Cohen entitled “Pánico en el encierro” (´Panic at the Running of the Bulls´) as the winner of its international photography competition. The prize has been awarded by the Dávalos-Fletcher Foundation which appreciated the quality of an image shot during the pile-up crush which occurred at the entrance to the bullring in Pamplona on the 13th of July, 2013.

Jordi Cohen was present at the scene and he decided to enter his photo in the competition and the snaphsot took first place over the other entries principally because of the force that the photo transmits. The image is taken in black and white and this fact has accentuated the details of those moments of tension. The framework of the photo suggests an eternal battle between animals and humans and which here does not look an unequal one. This point was much valued by the jury in making their award.

The photographer Jordi Cohen, from Barcelona, had won the 1st Erotic Photography Competition organised by The Drawing Factory Kukuxumusu and Playboy magazine in 2007. The competition was the result of the two companies wish to reward photographic creativity combining eroticism and fiesta during San Fermin.