Ikea Pedido encierro de Sanfermin

Ikea promotes its new sales outlets with some Sanfermin images

IKEA España has presented its new system of Retail on its web page and it has made use of some Sanfermin images for its promotion. And the firm has done so because the first of these new retail outlets has been opened in Pamplona and as the presentation video itself explains : “for this great Chupinazo-type opening what’s better than to set up the first of the IKEA Retail Outlets in a city which knows how to celebrate things in high style: Pamplona”. Here is the video.

The video recording shows us how we can have the opportunity to make out our order to the Swedish Factory from Mercaderes Corner or from the Plaza del Castillo, and then later on, go to the outlet to pick up the order. The Sanfermin atmosphere starts with the fact that the good news sets off a kind of Chupinazo adrenalin and then goes on to show significant places around the city such as the monument to the running of the bulls, the cathedral or the façade of City Hall. Then the video tells us that we have the possibility of making out our orders from any part of the stretch of the running of the bulls, or from the main square in the Plaza del Castillo or even from the monument to Sarasate.

The Sanfermin fiesta atmosphere continues by showing the moment of sending off the order to the Factory with a visual of a runner escaping from a bull and also showing a Kiliki figure as it chases after some kids. Finally, as we quietly await the delivery of our order, we can see a classic moment of a Hemingway figure having a drink at what seems to be a terrace bar in the Plaza del Castillo square.


ikea-plaza-del-castillo ikea-kilikis ikea-pedido-vino-toro

Once again Sanfermin fiestas show us the relevance of its image for many big commercial brands whenever Pamplona is being referred to. It is very clear that the Sanfermin icons and the terminology of the fiestas are easily recognizable in any corner of the Spanish state. We liked the video quite a lot.