Happy Sanfermin #happyPamplona

While the fiesta of Sanfermin is already quite enjoyable in itself (to say the least) it has nevertheless received a “lift” with its own music video played to the rhythm of the song from Pharrel Williams thanks to the work of canal de Youtube San Fermín 2014. This video has recently been recorded on the streets of Pamplona with the backup of a wide range of citizens of many different ages and backgrounds all dressed up in Sanfermin gear. Many of the background settings are key Sanfermin locations such as Estafeta, The Bullring, City Hall or the monument to the Running of the Bulls. Many of the participants are wearing their particular Peña club colors and there are others with the Kukuxumusu T-shirt of the year and the whole thing is nice and pleasant and gets one thinking of the coming fiestas.