Gored and without running

The Australian girl  J.E., aged 23, who was gored by a Miura in the running of the bulls of the 14 was discharged from hospital on the 30th of July, after 16 days in hospital as a result of a wound to her right upper hemi-thorax, and with multiple  fractured ribs and involvement with the lower lobe of her right lung as diagnosed in the first medical report.

So how did she end up in hospital with one of the most serious gorings than can be remembered? Examining the available images we have reconstructed those three minutes that could have been tragic, and which, in the end, have just been a large scare that will be brought back to Australia to be long remembered.

The young girl in fact did not, properly speaking, attempt to run the Encierro, or at least it would seem that it was not her intention to do so. As can be seen in the video (from 20 seconds onwards), she was one of the first people to run up Estafeta Street once the police cordon had been removed.  Among the boos and jeers of the watching public, she runs alongside her friend just having a bit of fun. J.E. is the dark-haired girl with a pullover tied round her waist; her friend is the blond girl with the plaited hair.

After this short run, well away from the bulls, they decided to wait and watch events from beside the fencing on the right side of the stretch leading down into the bullring.  They were unfortunate enough to find that, on the day, almost all the bulls ran down that same side and very close to the fencing – something which is not very frequent. But it can happen.

At the last moment, J.E. tried to climb up on the fencing, but it was already too late. The bull gored her and two other bulls coming right behind, knocked her over. She was left stretched out on the ground until the animals all passed and the Red Cross could reach her to give her some first aid.

Afterwards it was a long spell in hospital, anguish and pain suffered by her blonde friend. Now finally, she can return home. No doubt, she now knows quite a good deal more of what exactly a running of the bulls is, how it should be properly run and where it should be watched if you really don’t want to run.

Fourth woman to be gored in the running of the bulls
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