Fuenting a pesar de las prohibiciones

Just another one of the many attractions of Sanfermin fiestas. For many foreigners, to jump from the Fountain in the Navarrería, is one of their “traditions” and a risk activity just perfect to get the adrenalin flowing after the txupinazo. The City Hall campaign of this year to warn off jumpers was not wholly successful. Their slogan – “No, don´t do it”, “No, no lo hagas”, wished to warn foreigners of the risks and consequences of jumping in the hope that the visitors would ignore it completely.

The “tradition” was upheld yet again this year, in spite of the warnings, but at least there was a noticeable drop in the number of participants compared to 2011. A few of the jumpers suffered slight injuries and contusions but there were no serious injuries caused. All of them shared the sense of fear and euphoria which comes from jumping from almost 4 meters high into the arms of the people below.

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