Kiddies’ bullrunning, erotic photo and special

Kukuxumusu will once again celebrate the annual kiddies bullrunning – the encierro txiki. They also celebrated this special event for the kids last year in Estafeta Street. It is now 25 years since the last real running of the bulls as a special children’s event, took place when real young calves were used. Kukuxumusu wishes to promote an event for the kiddies, even if the bulls are giant-sized stuffed animals. The popular blue bull, Mister Testis, along with some of his “brothers” will run the few hundred meters along the street – the distance which seperates the two Kukuxumusu stores which are to be found in this downtown street. The event will take place next Thursday, 12th of July, at seven in the evening.

The event will re-enact all the ingredients of the official running of the bulls: the initial chants sung to the saint, the presence of the bull minders to guide the bulls, the opening rocket to announce the opening of the pens, and there will be, above all, lots of fun for the kiddies on the day. Pamplona City Hall has authorized permission to hold the event and all the kids who want to, can come along to enjoy the fun.

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Erotic Photography

Kukuxumusu once again has opened its VI Erotic Photo Competition for Sanfermin 2012 in collaboration with Playboy magazine. Last year’s winner was local boy, Mikel Cía, in a competitive competition which saw a total of 262 entries. Opening dates for photo entries for this competition begin on the 1st of July and entries are open until the 31st of August. There is a winning prize of 1.500 euros for getting first place in this competition.

News Coverage

Just like every other year, this year too, Kukuxumusu will provide an extensive news coverage on the Sanfermin fiestas through its web page, there will daily photos of the running of the bulls, news, Twitter updates as well as audiovisual broadcasts. One of the highlights will be a blog page shared by personalities from the world of art, culture and sport. There will also be a video section which will offer a daily amusing clip and a complete gallery of photos so as to ensure that viwers will miss nothing of all that is going on between the 6th and the14th of July.

In addition, and something which is a novelty this year, thanks to an agreement reached with, will also offer the chance to acquire more than 150 musical pieces from online and which refer to the Sanfermin fiestas in several different styles of music.