“Encierro gaupasero”

During Sanfermin fiestas there are plenty of events programmed by the organizers, but the true fiesta spirit does not depend on programs nor on protocols and, in many cases, the best moments are lived in a spontaneous way on the streets of Pamplona.

Just one of these “fringe” activities is the “Gazte Encierro” or “encierro gaupasero”, where a group of young people wander around the streets of the old quarter of the city with a cart carrying amplifiers and playing music for everyone to join in and dance to it.

This activity draws dozens of revelers to dance behind the moving cart and to finish off their beers as dawn is breaking and before they head home to sleep off the long night. The only purpose of this is to have a good time and to help enhance the ambience which, definitely in Sanfermin fiestas, is to be found on the street.

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