El montón que pasó desapercibido

7th of July, 2013. Just when the first running of the bulls this year was about to finish, everyone was watching the rear bull, “Deseadito”, a brown bull from the Alcurrucén bull-ranch, which had become loose and threatened runners, without actually charging any of them. “Deseadito” ran on into the bullring and a lot of runners coming behind started to follow the bull into the arena. Some runners tripped up and others fell on top of them, creating a pile-up which covered the entrance to the bullring. The bell-oxen used as “sweepers-up” were coming behind and several policemen from the Navarra Government rushed to untangle the runners and help anyone who needed it. The bell-oxen, or neutered steers, arrived and passed by as best they could. Luckily, there were no injuries and so, hardly any mention in the media of this particular pile-up. The images were taken by José Luis de Andrés and Ignacio Rubio.