El jugador de la NFL Jason Babin correrá el encierro de Sanfermin

The American football player, Jason Babin has confirmed to CSNPhilly.com (NBC) that he plans to take part in the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls in Pamplona in 2012. “Everyone thinks it is dangerous and risky “, said Babin at CSNPhilly.com, “but it ain’t necessarily so if it is done correctly and properly”, he added. The bulls can’t turn back on cobblestone, so if you watch your inside you are going to be all right”, said Babin.

There are some frets from the supporters of the Eagles that something could go wrong during the running of the bulls but Babin wishes to play down the risk. The fact is, Jason Babin is 1mt. 98 cm. tall and he weighs 118 kilos and he is someone who is used to tight situations as befits a professional football defender during any and every NFL game. Jason Babin is a well-known player in the Philapelphia Eagles (see NFL site or Fanclub) and acclaimed for his good defensive work in the team. Now in his ninth season as a professional, he has been chosen as one of the best three professionals in his position and he has been selected in the All Pro from Associated Press for 2012, where only the best are to be found.

Update: Jason Babin sees his enthusiasm wane for running with the bulls