El año de las gafas

It is almost a tradition to buy all sorts of items and gadgets from the street sellers who come to Pamplona in Sanfermin, to sell their wares. It is impossible to resist buying some cheap necklaces or a diadem with lights on it to share a few laughs with your mates. But this year the queen of the fiestas has been the range of glasses on offer. There are all types to be found: sunglasses, those with transparent glass, those without any glass, colored ones, some with flags or those that come in the shape of hearts.

Everyone wears them in the particular way they want; at night they can become improvised diadems, during the day they can hide swollen or tired eyes from the partying. For just 3 euro you can get yourself a pair of these glasses, and some even say that can also serve to help you get off more easily with people.

Photos from the 14th of July