Cuatro corredores heridos en los encierros 2012 continúan hospitalizados

Just a few hours after the closing ceremony, the Pobre de Mí, pulled the curtain down on the 2012 Sanfermin fiestas, four runners who received injuries during the running of the bulls are still hospitalized, according to a report issued by the Government of Navarra on its web page. All of them are making favorable progress and are likely to be discharged over the next few days.

In the Navarra Hospital Complex are two young English runners, L.T., age, 29 who suffered two jabs from the horns of the bulls when running on the 9th and his compatriot, N.C., aged 20, who is suffered a goring to his right thigh on the dame day. Both are making favorable progress.

Also making favorable progress in hospital is the 35 year-old North-American, S.C. who suffered a fracture to his forearm on the 13th. And finally, just one of the injured from the running of the 14th remains in hospital. He is a 28 year-old man from Ireland who suffered a skull traumatism.

The other 34 runners injured during the runnings of the bulls have already been discharged

Further information at the web of the Government of Navarra.