Cuarto encierro: toros de Victoriano del Río

Fastest running: 2,16″ 12/07/2011 23,16 km/h
Slowest running: 2,21″ 12/07/2012 22,34 km/h
Average time: 2,18″ 22,08 km/h
Average gorings: 0,6 (2 gorings in 3 bullrunnings)
Average injuries: 5 (15/3)
Average number of bruising: 5,67 (17/3)


In their three appearances up to now they have caused 2 gorings and a total of 15 injuries. This bull-breed is the fastest of all in the runnings of the bulls. Their average time is a very fast 2min.18″ per running.


They always stay close together in a tight pack and tucked in beside the bell-oxen, although 2 or 3 bulls will inevitably outpace the bell-oxen over the length of the course. It is difficult for the runners to find space in front of the horns for some close running, but the runners at least can get in front of the leading bulls even if they are very fast (an average speed of 22km/per hour, but in the Estafeta stretch the leading bull would have an average speed of some 25Km/per hour and cover the 312 meters of this stretch in 45 seconds.