Cómo suena el encierro en la guitarra acústica

The Australian Gavin Locke has launched a theme composed and played by himself under the title: “Running with the bulls”. Locke is a well-known Australian musician who plays solos on an acoustic guitar. He found some musical inspiration after taking part in the running of the bulls during Sanfermin 2002. That year, Gavin Locke had travelled to Spain to meet some relatives of his. He took advantage of his trip to learn a bit about Spain and he decided to pay a visit to Pamplona for the Sanfermin fiestas. Locke ran in the running of the bulls and he remembers on Facebook how his aunt had told him it was a crazy idea and that he could get a serious injury, but he thought it would just be a bit of fun to run in front of the bulls. Gavin Locke points out that the running was exciting and enjoyable and he enjoyed the experience. Gavin Locke states that “I wrote this piece of music to try to capture something of the excitement and the fear that you feel when you run.”

The acoustic guitar is his favorite musical instrument and he likes to play solo when he plays. All his guitars are exclusively made for his singular style of playing at Mikes Guitar Garage.