Inicio colocación vallado Sanfermin 2014

La colocación del vallado comienza con el poste-homenaje a los fallecidos del encierro

Each year, during these dates, the commencement of the gradual placement of the Sanfermin fencing is a clear indicator that the annual fiestas are now not far off. However, this is only the second year that the placement of the first post is also a conscious homage to those runners who have suffered a fatal mishap in the event down the years. The fixing of this first post, in the square in front of City Hall close to the new Tourism Office, attracted the attention of quite a few onlookers as well as counting on the presence of the media.

The workers from the carpentry workshop Hermanos Aldaz y Remiro once again had the task of placing this unique metal poster in front of a gathering of people and the media. It only took them a minute or so to place the poster and this work will gradually continue over the following weeks as they set up the traditional fencing in readiness for the running of the bull events during Sanfermin fiestas. The complete fencing consists of some 900 posts and more than 2.600 timber boards.