Centenario del fotógrafo Cano

Paco Cano “Canito” was born exactly one hundred years ago in Alicante, but, it was in Pamplona that he found the perfect place to satisfy his gift for taking photos of the world of bulls and bullfighting. He has been coming to Sanfermin for more than 60 years in search of the essence of the world of bullfighting and the running of the bulls. It is not difficult to pick him out in the crowded Sanfermin fiestas with his characteristic white cap and with his name and birth date written on it. His perennial smile is also a singular characteristic of his. A smile which he admits, with the passing of each year is now more difficult to maintain for, as he says himself, “the years begin to weigh” but he assures that he will continue to come to Sanfermin “as long as the man upstairs permits it”.

He has been in all the bullfighting stadiums around the State but he insists that “Without a doubt, Pamplona is the most special”. For this and for his long career in Sanfermin fiestas, Kukuxumusu has handed him a commemorative award for – in the words of Mikel Urmeneta, founder-member of Kukuxumusu, “he continues to defy time and he continues to keep his annual appointment with the fiestas, even after reaching his hundred years of long life”.