Culebra y lápiz del 26 Anibestiario de Kukuxumusu

A trip to Sanfermin with Kukuxumusu

Kukuxumusu celebrates its 26 historic years under the name of the 26th anniv-bestiary with an open invitation to vote your favorite all-time T-shirt drawings from a selection of 100 at the web site

From the results obtained, the top ten voted T-shirts will be reprinted and, from among the participants, there will be a draw made with the prize of a trip to Sanfermin 2015 for the winner.

At the web page of this event, up to a 100 drawings will be activated, in categories, and everyone can select their favorites from among the whole list. The page will be open and running until next June and from the T-shirt drawings chosen by the participants, the top 10 T-shirts will be reprinted from with the selection. Obviously, from among the range of 100 drawings, there will be one category solely dedicated to Sanfermin drawings and these will be pinned up as soon as the categories are fully sorted out by us.

There also exists the possibility of participating in another manner – by sending in stories and accounts from fans of Kukuxumusu about their experiences with the Kukuxumusu trademark, its products, meeting up with the founder-members or even some of the workers from the early days, so that we can all get to know what lies behind the company and its 26 years of hilarious drawings. Did you fall in love while wearing a Kukuxumusu t-shirt? Did you come across anyone wearing a Kukuxumusu T-shirt while you were on the top of a live volcano?… tell it all here.