Un txupinazo al borde del rescate

The image that readers of the popular local Diario de Noticias newspaper awoke to this morning, on the opening day of fiestas, was a txupinazo opening of fiestas suffering a tsunami or being washed away by the tidal wave of the crisis. Once again, this year, the headline image of the newspaper has a graphic design created by Mikel Urmeneta, founder-member and creative director of Kukuxumusu.

The creator of the design explains the thinking behind the design: “In the drawing, the clock on the City Hall has turned into a euro – and which is also on the point of sinking. The Figure which represents Fame is playing Sanfermin on the trumpet which is clearly going through a bad economic phase and the lions have turned into Piggy Banks. In addition, one of the Hercules figures holds a big pair of scissors for making cutbacks and the other one is holding his hands up, attacked and horrified by the passing txupinazo which passes close by him in the graphic form of a crisis”.

“People don’t know which is best, to protest…to enjoy themselves… to save themselves from the tidal wave…but I did not want to make everything seem horrible. There remains a chance to save ourselves from the tidal wave by using surf boards”, affirms Urmeneta. Meanwhile, “the politicians are displaying static green faces, rotten and paralyzed. They don’t know what the hell to do, while at least, the citizens have a good color and they can be seen in movement.”

To sum up, and as the creator of the design himself puts it: “It’s a capsizing txupinazo”.

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