Two runners share the same destiny

Photo: Iñigo Alzugaray

Even the best runners can find themselves in a tight spot. Especially, when the bulls fly along the course, as was the case today with the Miura bulls in this eighth and last Running of the Bulls of Sanfermin 2017. These two guys are habitual runners with lots of experience on this stretch of Telefonica and on the final run down into the bullring. They shared the run, the fall and, in the case of one of them, a visit “just in case” to the surgery located inside the bullring, a precautionary removal to hospital for a more intensive check-up

Both of them managed to avoid the heavy charge made by the bulls at the beginning of Telefónica, and they shared the run down into the entrance leading to the bullring. Once inside, they were both knocked down by the approaching bulls.  They both fell face down and slipped away out of the path of the bulls by squeezing under the gap in the middle of the passageway. A hazardous climax to suffer after taking part in eight complete Running of the Bulls, where we have watched them each morning run well and skillfully in front of the bulls. Next year there will be more to come.