Segundo encierro con Dolores Aguirre

The fastest ever running: 2 min.40″ 7/7/2007. 23,6km/h
The slowest ever running: 4min.58″ 11/7/1980 11,16 km/h
Average length of time: 3min.36″ 14.58 km/h
Average number of gorings: 1,08.
Average number of injury per running of the bulls: 3,38 (37 de 53)
Average number of general bruising: 4,46

Up to the present this bull-breed has taken part in 13 bullrunnings. There have been a total of 14 runners gored in (1,08 is the average per bullrunning) in 9 of these runs. Forgetting about averages, this bull-breed is fifth highest when it comes to the total number of gorings made (14).


This bull-breed is characterized by their large size and their proud bearing and they generally stay together in a close pack over the whole course. However, there have been occasions when one of them can get detached from the rest for whatever reason and this is where the dangerous moments are generally to be found.