Sanfermines 2017, the most vindicated fiestas

Photos: Javier Martínez de la Puente

Hard though it is to accept, the fact is that Sanfermin 2017 is all over. After the final Pobre de Mí event took place at midnight, in City Hall square, the teardrops – yes, even the most hardened of us let slip a tear or two, let’s admit it – the time has come to put away the red sash and necktie and let our bodies recognize and accept the tiredness and fatigue that inevitably comes once the fiestas have come to a close.

And to speed us all the sooner towards next year’s fiestas and to ameliorate the sensation of sadness, perhaps it is a good moment to review some of the key moments that took place during these Sanfermines.

  1. Everybody united against any kind of aggressive behavior. This year there was loud acclaim in Pamplona against aggressions, above all, against any kind of sexual aggression or harassment and any kind of intolerant behavior. The responsibility to highlight the honor of the best fiestas in the whole wide world created some heart-lifting moments such as this one in the demonstration held in the Bullring.
  2. The Basque nationalist flag flying on City Hall. Those in favor of the inclusion of the Basque nationalist flag flying on Pamplona City Hall felt proud and satisfied to be represented in this way. Opponents protested loudly and even created a public petition to remove the flag on in protest against the inclusion of this flag. In the end, all sides had to live with the fact that, for the opening Txupinazo event, all the flags flew side-by-side.                                                                                                                                                     
  3. The Running of the Bulls is by no means the be-all and end-all of the Sanfermin fiestas. Even though many foreigners feel drawn to the fiestas by the “crazy” appeal of being able to run in front of fighting bulls, Sanfermin is much more than that, as the local people know. The fiestas gave us many beautiful images such as the display of the Txistularis, the midnight concerts where lots of things can go on besides drinking beer, the kiddies Encierro or Running of the Bulls organized by Kukuxumusu with their stuffy blue bulls and this year the special presence of stuffies Rojillo and Rojilla from the football club and lots of other things that can only be enjoyed in situ and by coming to the fiestas.                                                                                                                                                     
  4. For the “In people” these fiestas had their special “must have”. Should you have any doubts, did you really not notice the cute colors that were worn behind the master’s back?                                                                                                                                                                       
  5. Security is a very fundamental element in fiestas.  The security operations ensured that the fiestas were enjoyed by all in a relaxed and happy atmosphere in spite of the occasional rare mishap that might have taken place

In any case, don’t despair – the countdown clock is already up and running and there is now less to go… soon we shall all meet up again at Sanfermin 2018.