Sanfermin 2014 con el estreno de Garcigrande y la vuelta de Adolfo Martín y Jandilla

The Bullfighting Commission from the Casa de Misericordia has released a statement this morning to notify that the Sanfermin Feria del Toro 2014 will see the first-time-ever appearance of the Garcigrande-Domingo Hernández bull ranch. Two other bull-ranches will make their reappearance after an absence of some years, namely the Adolfo Martín and Jandilla bull-ranches. The reason for the inclusion of the novel Garcigrande was explained by the Commission as due to “the good results obtained by this bull-ranch over the 2013 bullfighting season.” Likewise, the bull-ranches of the Jandilla and Adolfo Martín have been contracted again after missing the last few years. Five of the bull ranches from the total of eight appear once again in 2014. They are the Dolores Aguirre –which win the award as the best bulls of 2013 with the premio Feria del Toro. Also continuing are the Fuente Ymbro –one of whose bulls last year won the Carriquiri award, the Miura, the Victoriano del Río and the Torrestrella bull ranches.

Three of last year’s breeds were not signed up this year; the Alcurrucén, the Valdefresno and the El Pilar bulls. The novillada on the fifth and the horseback bullfighting on the sixth keep the same bull ranches as last year: the San Pelayo de Guareña for the horse-back fights and the El Parralejo for the young bulls in the novillada.