“Sanferfin the Last Party”, t-shirt for Sanfermin 2012

In line with a long-established habit of connecting the protagonist drawing for their annual Sanfermin tee shirt with some current topical theme, on this occasion the tee shirt designed by Kukuxumusu displays a parody of the Maya end-of-the-world prophesy and sets the scene right in the heart of the running of the bulls. As Mikel Urmeneta points out, the tee shirt Sanferfin The Last Party “has a laugh at this possibility which some doomsday “experts” have predicted, based on their reading of the Maya calendar system which concludes that the Maya almanac shows that the end of the world will take place in 2012 and consequently this year will see the final Sanfermin fiestas of all time.”

The scene of the drawing depicts a packed Estafeta Street right in the middle of the running of the bulls. A rainfall of meteorites catches the packed crowd by complete surprise and which is filled with many curious characters. “On each and every corner of the drawing, there is a joke scene taking place, from the Maya warrior confirming the prophesy, to a character in top hat who represents the economic world and who is begging in the street, right in the middle of the running of the bulls.”, states the creative director at Kukuxumusu, Mikel Urmeneta, who goes on to explain that “the drawing could also be seen as a metaphor of the economic catalysm which we are currently suffering”.

On this occasion, Kukuxumusu has wished to go a step further and add another original element to the tee shirt by creating an application for the cell phone and which shows the meterites come to life as they fly past, thanks to the technology developed by Augmented Reality. In order to be able to see these special effects, the user must dispose of a smartphone of the latest generation and download the free application from Google Play from Android and focus the cell phone screen over the tee shirt drawing. This project was developed by Kukuxumusu in collaboration with QR Invaders, a company which specializes in projects of Augmented Reallity, as well as by Lorem Solutions, which was commissioned to develop the app.