The replica of the San Fermin statue located in the niche at Santo Domingo has been taken away

The replica of the small figure of San Fermín, which is placed in the niche on the wall in Santo Domingo, has been removed this morning at 08:30 a.m. by municipal workers. The image of the Saint, which is only placed there during the fiesta days, will be set up as usual during fiestas each morning and then taken away after The Running of the Bulls each day. This original image of the saint is the one that receives the homilies from the runners just before the start of The Running of the Bulls event. In addition, as is the traditional habit, the glass pane which covers the niche throughout the year has also been removed in readiness for the start of fiestas.

This figure was bought by the Peña clubs in 1978 and during the rest of the year it is kept in the house of a widow of one of the four original initiators behind this idea of having a physical image of the saint when they sing their homily to him and beseech his help in the running.