Reservas para el primer fin de semana de Sanfermin al 90%

Mikel Ollo, tourist adviser for Destino Navarra and, affirms that the first weekend of the Sanfermin fiestas in July is already practically booked out and the remaining days stand at about 40% at the moment

When there are now less than a hundred days to go for the Sanfermin fiestas to take off, and when it still seems a long way off, there are some people who know better and who have gone ahead with their bookings already. Mikel Ollo, a Tourist advisor for Destino Navarra and, affirms that “the first weekend in July and the rest of the days stand at 40% for the moment.” According to the data which has been receiving, the accommodation bookings have been made up to 70% by foreigners and some 30% of the bookings have been made from within the State. These national bookings tend to be made much later than those of the foreigners. Of the international bookings, 50% were made from the Anglo-Saxon countries (USA, Australia and the United Kingdom), some 30% from Latin-American countries (México, Colombia and Costa Rica) and some 20% from Asia (Japan, India and China). Mikel Ollo, as a result of this data, warns us that “The first days of the Fiestas are practically booked out, due to the fact that this year the opening of the fiesta takes place at the weekend. The remainder of the days are in less demand for the moment at an individual level but an increase in bookings is now being noted for these days from companies and group entities.” has up-to-the-minute data on these kinds of bookings thanks to its platform of online bookings where balconies for the running of the bulls can be realized and other package offers can be closed at a reasonable price. At the same time, on the same online portal, it is still possible to book some spare hotel places through the central purchasing block set up by the Navarra Hotel Trade Association. Private accommodation advertising is also available from the Noticeboard at and there is a new section for recommended apartment renting where verifies all the information on offer and even takes photos of the place which are on offer there.