Fifteen posters of Sanfermin Fiestas from the XIX Century form one of the latest gems on the City Hall web page

Pamplona City Hall is now offering, as from today, a series of fifteen posters which were used in their day to illustrate the programs of the Sanfermin fiestas and bullfighting events in those foregone years – the earliest of which dates from 1846 (all from XIX century) at their official web page. These illustrations go to make up a historic treasure of the city as they show in all their decorative detail the typical inspirations of nineteenth century art with their gothic details, their arcades, their flora decoration, etc. etc.

In 2009, City Hall published at their web site a part of the Documentary Heritage of the city, which consisted of a documentary series of Sanfermin posters from the XIX and XX centuries, with the aim of making available to the citizens of Pamplona some examples of the heritage to be found in the Municipal Archives of the city. As from today, this series is now further completed with these additional 15 posters which reflect the growth of this voguish concept of modern poster design.

The series of posters are divided in two periods: the first between the years 1846 and 1877, where local artists, working in lithographical firms in Pamplona, offered their outlines to City Hall and the second period between 1880 y 1900, when lithographic firms from Barcelona, Madrid or Zaragoza were the ones to carry out these poster designs.

You can check out our historic gallery here, with various Sanfermin posters from as early as 1881.