Propuesta en USA de 9 encierros como Sanfermin y otras tantas Tomatinas para 2013 y 2014

This is an Online initiative under the title The Great BullRun and it proposes nine running of the bulls events with bulls inspired from the Sanfermin fiestas. It also promises the same number of Tomatinas, just like the ones that take place annually in Bunyol (Valencia region). The events would be held in several important cities or states in The United States such as Virginia, Houston or Chicago. In 2013 it is planned to hold a running of the bulls and a tomato throwing Tomatina in Virginia (24th of August), Atlanta (19th of October) and Houston (7th of December). In 2014 the planned dates would take us from the 1st of February in Florida to the 12th of July in Chicago -check out the full list here-.

The events are planned to be held in private enclosures – places that would normally hold sports or cultural events. Pre-enrolments are already open for the events which envisage a full day of events and partying with the high points being the running of the bulls and the tomato-throwing. Prices range from between 50 and 120 dollars, depending on whether you sign up as a runner, a spectator and other such factors. Full information can be found on the web page and on Facebook about how the bullrunnings will be and the potential risks involved. Three points stand out; there is no need to leave the United States to experience the excitement of the running of the bulls, that the party scene will be similar to the Pamplona one and finally, that the danger is not so high as there have only been a total of 15 deaths in the Pamplona runnings over the past 102 years.