porque estos carteles de Sanfermin

¿Por qué estos carteles?… Escucha al jurado del Concurso de Sanfermin 2014

When we look at the Sanfermin poster entries we make our evaluation, naturally enough, based on our personal taste and appreciation when it comes to making a selection and casting a vote. Here at Sanfermin.com, we feel it would be interesting to consider the evaluation of the professionals who go to make up the assessment panel in order to acquire perhaps a more artistic and accurate point-of-view of the designs. We all know that a democratic viewpoint and an artistic viewpoint do not always coincide, and for that reason, important poster competitions do not usually include a people’s vote but rather depend on a panel or board of experts to pick the winning poster.

However, in choosing the official Sanfermin poster, it is now a tradition since the beginning of the present century, to have the citizens vote from the short list of finalists to find the winning poster. For that reason, the explanations from the professionals on what they appreciate in each poster will undoubtedly help the layman to decide which the best poster is. In the following videos, the panel of experts discuss each of the finalist entries and we can appreciate in their voice and in their eye for detail, nuances that perhaps the written word cannot manage to convey so well.

Cartel número 1. 7+7=14

Cartel número 2. San

Cartel número 3. Rey de Sanfermines

Cartel número 4. Equipazo

Cartel número 5. Pañoleta y Asta

Cartel número 6. Déjate atrapar

Cartel número 7. Afilado

Cartel número 8. Con mucho amor