@ Iosu Pezonaga. 2014.

They want to attach a camera to the horn of the bull for the Sanfermin bullrunnings

A top leading foreign agency has got in touch just lately with sanfermin.com in order to ask them whom would they need to speak to in order to get permission to put a camera on the horn of one of the bulls for the Running of the Bulls event. They went on to check with us on different kinds of technical points and explained how they had wide experience in this kind of thing with similar kinds of events in different fields. Furthermore, they asked us our opinion about some other possible events that might be offered by the Sanfermin fiestas. Obviously, in the case of the Running of the Bulls, we pointed them in the direction of the City Hall authorities and we explained the rules and regulations to them as best we could. We warned them that their idea is something which had never previously been done…but that only seemed to stimulate their interest even more…we shall just have to wait and see what the final outcome will be.

It seems very likely that this agency could have learned of the initiative taken this past summer by the Asociación Bou en Corda (from Turis), in Valencia. This association supports the traditional event in that part of Spain of having a bull loose on the street, but tethered by a rope (rather like a leash on a dog). They installed a camera for the first time to study the behavior of the animal. On our cover image we have made a creation of how a bull might carry a camera on its horn in the bullrunning in Sanfermines. But this video from Turis, provided by Antena3 television also serves to gives us an idea of what the agency is thinking of doing.

This is by no means the first time that we have had requests of this nature. In fact, it is the fifth time in the last few years. Generally, the requests for information come from foreign agencies which have publicity and commercial interests in getting some attractive and unusual audiovisuals shots. Their Production Departments don’t hold back when it comes to this kind of thing. For example, there was a case in 2012, when cameras and videos were prohibited by City Hall from being used inside the Running of the Bulls course, except for the permission given by Pamplona City Hall for a spectacular piece of filming made by #BURN. In this case, there could be a loophole found, given that the owners of the Bulls are different to the people who are in charge of security and safety aspects in the streets during the bullrunning.