Peta Ignacio Rubio

Peta and Ánima Naturalis blame the runners for the deaths of the bulls

Peta and Anima Naturalis shared a common demonstration in Pamplona against the abuse of animals during Sanfermin fiestas. The expected “High impact” protest did not materialize and their protest format did not vary much from other years, with police intervention and without any violent alterations.

According to what we were told by the spokesperson of Ánima Naturalis, Aída Gascón, this year the slogan “Torture is not Culture” also had an added attachment which was that the participation of the runners in the Sanfermin Running o the bulls made those runners complices in the system which brought bulls to a cruel death.. Around 50 people dressed in Sanfermin clothes stood silently in the city hall square bearing messages in several languages in favor of the animals and criticizing the Running of the Bulls. Behind the group there was a large banner on display and in front there were six members of the group in semi-dress and with paint stains and wearing horns as a symbol of the bulls, to remind the general public of the cruelty inherent in the treatment of the fighting bull.

Puedes ver imágenes de Anna Nelubova, Ignacio Rubio y Josu Pezonaga, aquí.