Perera makes the most of his opportunity

The afternoons are passing quickly and we have seen several matadors let their opportunities slip by, while several others have made the most of their chances of leaving their mark. Pamplona is still an important and respected bullring although its main gate is beginning to look like the main entrance to a large department store during sales week, with so many coming in and indeed, being led out, in triumph.

Everything worked out as planned for Perera, because faced with a fine herd of Jandilla Bulls he had two good performances with his two bulls. Especially, the first one where he might have been awarded two ears, if the President had not remembered that Pamplona’s bullring is still a serious one – and today’s President did remember that – and if he had got the two ears it would not have been much of a mistake.

Iván Fandiño was also in form, he is winning over this bullring to his side more and more. He got a good ear for his first and if he did not get more, it was because he got the two worst bulls to fight. In any case, he showed some very good work on his left side with the first bull which the most knowledgeable among the spectators could appreciate and applaud.

Sebastian Castella got entangled in his performance. Especially, in trying to finish off his first bull, after a more than acceptable initial performance. With the second, which came out to fight at picnic time, there was little he could do. The bull fell too early and after that, there was no way to lift his performance.

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Photos: Maite H. Mateo

11th July Jandilla.
Sebastián Castella: silence and silence
Miguel Ángel Perera: ear and ear
Iván Fariño: silence and ear

12th July (18:30 p.m.) Fuente Ymbro.
Juan José Padilla
Pepe Moral
Jiménez Fortes