Two runners continue in hospital

Photo Juantxo Erce

According to the medical statement issued just a few moments ago by the Navarra Public Hospital Service, there are now only two injured runners that remain in hospital recovering from the injuries they received when they participated in the Sanfermin Running of the Bulls this year. One of them is a North-American, T.H., who suffered a thorax traumatism in the Running of the Bulls on the 8th of July. The other runner was injured in the final Running of the Bulls on the 14th of July, namely; Australian, J.G. 

Since last Saturday and up to today, some other patients have been discharged from hospital,  namely, E.G.E. from the town of Burlada (Navarra), F.E., a 46-year-old man from Pamplona who received a goring in the bullrunning of the10th of July; the North-American, Bill Hillman, who has recovered from a goring to his right thigh which he received on the 9th of July (photos); the runner from Valencia, J.R.P. who also received a goring to his thorax area on the 9th of July (video); and another runner from Valencia,V.O.M. who broke his shinbone and his peroneal bone in the first Running of the Bulls on the 7th of July.