May – It Starts Here, by Katxi

Katxi – Viva San Isidro!
Americano – You mean Viva San Fermín?
Katxi – No, San Isidro.
Americano – Have never heard of San Isidro, what has he got to do with anything?
Katxi – San Isidro is celebrated on the 15th May as the patron saint of Madrid, but also in many other places as he is also the patron saint of farmers. It is a very important time with fiestas in many parts of the country and even encierros. But even more than this, it is the start of the bullfighting circuit with almost a month of corridas in Madrid. This is a big step along the road to Los Sanfermines in Pamplona.
Americano – In that case Viva San Isidro!