Maximiliano Cosatti será la imagen de los Sanfermines de este año tras recibir el 27,4% de los votos

‘Sanfermin mornings’ –created by Maximiliano Cosatti is the winning image for this year’s Sanfermin poster


Poster no. 1, entitled ‘Mañanas sanfermineras’, was chosen as the image for the 2017 Sanfermin fiestas after it received 27,4% of the total number of votes from the 5.682 people who took part in this open vote system organized by Pamplona City Hall. The author is Maximiliano Cosatti, born in Argentina in 1979 and who has been living in Pamplona for the past 4 years. He gave a press conference alongside the mayor of Pamplona, Joseba Asirón, and in the presence of the councilor responsible for Culture, Language and Sport, Maider Beloki. The prize money which went to the winning poster was 3.600 euro.

Maximiliano Cosatti has a degree in Design and Publicity Work, and he first worked in this field in Argentina. In 2016 he designed a stamp which is currently used, ‘Universo Cervantes’, after winning first place in the II National Competition for Stamp Design – ‘DISELLO’ – organized by the national post office entity. Last year, another poster of his, was selected among the 100 finalists and it was on exhibition in some commercial premises during the year and in the Jara’s Hairdressers in the neighborhood of Mendillorri.

The voting, open to all citizens who are on the census list in Pamplona took place between the 11th and the 27th of April. A total of 5, 682 citizens took part in the voting – 396 less than last year when the figure reached 6, 078 votes. This figure was the second highest over the past nine years since this voting system was set up. In 2015, there were 5,124 participants; in 2014 there were 3, 474 and in 2013 a total of 4, 964 votes were counted.

Maximiliano Cosatti
Maximiliano Cosatti