Life Street Workshop en Sanfermin con Jordi Cohen

From the 5th to the 7th of July, Jordi Cohen will share some of his wide experience in street photography to all those who wish to sign up for the LSWP workshop sessions. The learners can then post their photos on and a jury made up of Javier Solano and Mikel Urmeneta, as well as Enmanuel de Marichalar and Chapu Apaolaza, both experienced runners of the bulls, among other people, will make a selection of the best snapshots

A singular way of taking part in the fiestas could be the one proposed by photographer Jordi Cohen for Sanfermin 2013 and which consists of workshop sessions on how to improve your skills at street photography and especially within the singular characteristics of the Sanfermin fiestas. From the 5th to the 7th of July, with events such as the opening Txupinazo party, the street scene before and after, the bullfight and the running of the bulls all these offer a full and ample spectacle of images ready to be snapped by your camera and subsequently shown to everyone. Photographer Jordi Cohen will direct this photography course with the help of Enmanuel de Marichalar who is the owner of Médiadour in France. Cohen has given a new focus to the photography of the Chupinazo party with a new approach which has been amply covered on over the past several years. This experience can now be imparted to all those who wish to sign up for the course (sign up here) and learn how their photo skills can be improved and also appreciate the best of their work on

The cost of the course ranges from 215 euros for the basic packet on offer and up to 295 euros when a balcony viewing for the running of the bulls is included. Three days to watch the fiestas unfold from a novel viewpoint. The content of the photography course deals with the concepts of personal reporting, of the technical concepts imposed by fiesta conditions, practical sessions during the Chupinazo partying, the running of the bulls and the bullfights all viewed under the expert advice and guidance of a specialist like Jordi Cohen.