La Reina gigante americana, “decapitada”

As you can see from the video, during yesterday’s procession in honor of San Fermín, the man carrying  Braulia, the American Queen, suffered a twisted ankle and   caused the giant to suffer this resounding fall just at the end of the Calle Mayor Street.

As a result of the accident, Braulia was almost toatally decapitated and suffered some serious damage to the neck. The figure had to taken out of the procession and repaired as quickly as possible, to ensure that it can continue to appear in the different parades which will take place over the coming days.


It seems that the repair work was successfully carried out as Braulia has appeared today completely restored as if nothing had ever happened. this is by no means the first time that these giant figures have suffered mishaps from falls. It happened to the African Queen not so long ago, when her nose was damaged after the man carrying the figure slipped up in the parade. (See the fall here)